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As a result of independent testing the Patriot has been classified as “Ergonomist Approved”. It’s 3.5 lb. weight is less than the 4lb. weight threshold determined by ergonomist studies to cause damaging repetitive motion strains.

The Patriot reduces stress on the arms and shoulders and potential repetitive strain injuries caused by climbing with other Fall Restraint Devices.



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LIGHTWEIGHT-The Patriot weighs just over 3 lbs. It is at least 20% lighter than any other similar devices designed to restrict falls from pole.
USE IT ON DRY OR ICY POLES-The standard Patriot has been tested in accordance with ASTM F887 standards, and is rated for both Type 1 and Type 2 (Slippery or Iced Poles) applications.
BETTER ARM POSITIONING-The unique symetrical design of the Patriot eliminates the long arm/short arm positioning of other fall restraint products.
IMPROVED CLIMBING FORM-The handles on the Patriot allow the climber to maintain the correct climbing posture-hips back and knees out, when moving up or down a pole.
ERGONOMIC BENEFIT-The handles also lessen the stress on the arms and shoulders by reducing the out and up motion needed to move it up the pole. When combined with the light weight and the rope rollers, the ergonomic result is less energy needed to climb, and less fatigue in just getting to the work.
EASIER TO CLIMB LARGE POLES-The handles also make climbing large transmission poles much easier because the climber can "flip" the line up the pole.
LESS POLE SWAY-The easier, smoother motion of the climber using the Patriot has the side benefit of reducing pole sway and potential system damage both on the way up-and on the way down.
USE THE STANDARD PATRIOT ON A WIDE RANGE OF POLE SIZES-The Patriot will work on poles that range 18 to 65 inches in circumference. This covers nearly all structures from small Class 7 to large Class 1 transmission poles.
ROPES ARE STRONGER THAN POLE STRAP MATERIAL-The tensile strength of the black neoprene coated pole rope is 10,000 lb. while the red/white/blue belt rope is 7500 lb. Both lines have a red core for easy inspection.
NO CORROSION WORRIES-The hardware is anodized aluminum and/or stainless steel for durability and long wear. The tensile strengths meet the ASTM and ANSI requirements.
TRANSFERABLE TECHNIQUES-A climber using other fall restraint products can easily switch to the Patriot. The skills are similar. They just won't have to work as hard.